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TNC Models: Semi-automatic labelers

TNC Models: Semi-automatic labelers

Semi-automatic labelers are specifically designed for labeling small to medium-sized batches. They offer flexible usage options in both semi-automatic and manual production environments. By utilizing semi-automatic labelers, you can achieve precise labeling accuracy and enhance overall efficiency. Moreover, semi-automatic labeling systems generally have lower investment costs compared to fully automatic systems. It's worth noting that you have the option to convert a semi-automatic labeling system to a fully automatic one at any given time.


TNC DS: Semi-automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling

TNC-F: Semi-automatic labeller for side labeling

TNC R: Semi-automatic tube labeller

TNC-L: Semi-automatic labeller for seal labelling

TNC T: Semi-automatic labeller for tubes

TNC-GG: Semi-automatic labeller for containers

TNC-2F: Semi-automatic labeller for labeling canisters

TNC PA: Semi-automatic printing and dispensing system

Basic Equipment

  • adjustable product pick up station
  • Label dispenser (up to 3)
  • simple and tool-free changing of the format mandrel
  • 2-hand operation or foot switch

Additional options

  • Individual printing possible by integrating a printing unit
  • pressure unit
  • Inspection (print control, print data control, presence, alignment)
  • product ejection
  • Serialization (hardware and software)
  • Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

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