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Top-bottom-labeling (VFP)

Top-bottom-labeling (VFP)

The VFP labeling machine accurately labels flat products like pasta packaging, folding boxes and salad bowls. It can label both the top and underside of products with a performance of up to 60 cycles/min. Accurate labeling is crucial in various sectors like food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. The machine is modular and can be expanded. It allows for easy switching between different product sizes and formats without tools, resulting in short setup times and easy handling. In sectors like food and cosmetics, additional variable information such as batch data, manufacturing, expiry dates, and allergen or ingredient information is essential.


VFP-B: Bottom labeling

VFP-T: Top labeling

VFP-TB: Top and bottom labeling

Basic Equipment

  • Base frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Conveyor belt with side guide rails
  • Stabilization belt
  • Product singulation
  • Label dispenser
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Label pressing unit
  • Electronic control
  • Touch panel

Additional options

  • TTO print module
  • Printing and dispensing unit 
  • inspection solutions
  • Label presence checks
  • product ejection station
  • Seal labeling as L or U
  • Automatic separation
  • Automatic product collection

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