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Tamper-evident labeling (TE)

Tamper-evident labeling (TE)

Introducing our fully automatic labeling machine for tamper-evident labeling and closure labeling - the TE model. With the increasing prevalence of product counterfeiting, many manufacturers are compelled to enhance the security and integrity of their products. This is especially crucial due to legal requirements in several countries. To address this challenge, we have developed the TE model, a versatile system capable of single-sided and/or dual-sided tamper-evident labeling for pharmaceutical folding cartons. It also finds applications in the cosmetics industry.

During the development process, great emphasis was placed on preserving the integrity of the packaging and accommodating a wide range of product formats. In its basic version, the machine can label folding cartons with width dimensions (in the running direction) ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm, achieving a labeling speed of up to 300 cartons per minute. Models designed for wider folding cartons are built on the same machine concept. As an advanced option, the TE-PV series offers a combination system equipped with a b+b serialization module and b+b LineManager. This integrated solution incorporates printers and camera systems into the machine for enhanced functionality.

The TE model stands out for its efficient and reliable performance, ensuring the security and authenticity of your products. By implementing tamper-evident labeling and closure labeling, you can safeguard your brand reputation and protect consumers from counterfeit goods. Choose the TE model for seamless integration, exceptional versatility, and uncompromising quality in your labeling process.


TE: output up to 300 products/min (small and medium formats)

TE-XL: up to 80 cycles/min (for large formats)

TE-PV: up to 300 products/min with serialization

TE-XL-PV: up to 80 cycles/min with serialization


Basic Equipment

  • Base frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Conveyor belt with side guide rails
  • Stabilization belt
  • Product singulation
  • Label dispenser
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Label pressing unit
  • Electronic control
  • Touch panel

Additional options

    • TTO print module,
    • Camera system(s),
    • Ejection station(s),
    • backup labeler,
    • label presence station,
    • TIJ print module,
    • serialization feature

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