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Coffee Tea Pod Packing Machine

Coffee Tea Pod Packing Machine



electron weight



Error Tolerance



12-15 bag/minute

Machine weight






Air consumption



Features of a Coffee Tea Pod Packing Machine:

1) In a Coffee Tea Pod Packing Machine, it automatically finishes all the process such as bag forming, materials filling, measuring weight, bag-forming, date-printing, lot number bag, cutting counting

2) English Language, screen control system. Set up the required data (include packing speed, weighing, bag size, etc) in the visuable settings, the control system automatic optimization match with all the program so that achieve the best packing speed precisely.

3)   Stepper motor, this system has the advantage of precise, needless to adjust the other parts, and a coup 

4)  Photocell eye, so you can get the whole trademark design.

5) Intelligent temperature control system. Suitable for kinds of bag materials and low noise good performance clear texture.

6) Good  packaging performance, low noise, clear sealing texture, and strong sealing performance.

Installation Service

1. We provide videos and instruction manuals to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.

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