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Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine


The pyramid tea bag packing machine is used for automatically packing products such as green tea, black tea, flower tea, health tea, medicine tea, granule and so on.

1. This unit can perform either three sides sealing and triangle teabag. Just need a single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle shape.

2. Packaging capacity: 3000bags/h (Determined by packing material)

3. Applicable packing materials: Nylon film with thread and label, used in Nylon Pyramid Tea Packing Machine.

4.The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material. Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the material.

5. Human-Computer Interface, Omron PLC control, adopted the Panasonic double Servo motor to make the bag supplied complete setting functions, easy operating

6. Main motor overload protection device

7. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device

8. The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.

Pyramid Tea Packing System

This machine is mainly composed of three systems: the precision mechanical transmission system, automation control system and pneumatic transmission system

1. The main controller of the machine is PLC touch screen control converter, part of the pulling paper and the horizontal sealing rotating part adopts servo motor, more accurate. It can be finished within 2 bag length automatic photoelectric with standard, digital automatic adjustment cursor mode, meet the precise positioning. The color touch screen is human design, operation interface is clear, parameter setting is simple.

2. The institution transfer system is mainly composed of the feeding part, forming part, drawing paper, horizontal sealing parts, vertical sealing parts, blanking, etc. The whole machine adopts mechanical transmission and combination of electric, installation and debugging simply and conveniently, running smoothly, sealing strong, good bag appearance; Accuracy can finish bag making and filling, sealing, counting, measurement, etc; choosing tray, electronic scale and other blanking ways according to different material.

The main technical parameters

Capacity:30-60 bags/Min

Packing material: Nylon, Polyester net non-woven fabrics. Ultrasonic sealing materials

Bag-making method: Ultrasonic three sides sealing cut way

Bag size: Triangle bag 50-80mm(one side)

Flat bag:60-90(W)*40-80(L)mm

Packing film:100mm.120mm.140mm.160mm

Dimension:800* 1000*1800mm

Power: 220V 2.0Kw


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