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Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Technical Data

1) Machine speed:

120± 10(bag/min)

2) Capacity:

Max. 10cm3

3) Degree of accuracy:

 ± 5%

4) Power supply:

3 phases, 380V 50Hz

5) Power:

Total 10kw, max. 8kw

6) Net Weight:

Max. 4250kg

7) Dosage system:

Protection structure which keeps impurity away.

8) Filter bag(naked bag):

Double chamber, 45× 60mm

9) Thread length:

140± 5mm

10) Hard tag:

28× 32mm, cutting on machine

11) Staple:

 Length 5mm after folded, magaluma staple

12) Machine dimension:

3.5m*2.4m* 1.5m (11′ 6″ × 7’10″× 4’11”)


The tea bag machine Model DXDC10 is a kind of automatic and intelligent double chamber tea bag packaging machine. It makes double chamber filter bags which are cold-sealed. The machine links up a hard tag, thread and filter bag with a staple. The outer envelope is cold-sealed or heat-sealed, and it is controlled by PLC. The end products are counted, grouped and packed into box automatically.

Features of a Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine/ Lipton Tea Bag Packing Machine

1) It has necessary protection measures, such as short circuit protection, overloading protection, creepage protection, etc.

2) The complete machine is controlled and coordinated by PLC.

3) It is simple to set and control the temperature of all the heating parts.

4) It is simple to set the counting number of output chute and control the packing of boxes.

5) It will give an alarm if the thread is cutting or the packing materials are finished.

6) It has the counting function of batch quantity. And it is easy to return the number to “zero”.

7) The square marks of envelope paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed-length.

8) The square marks of tag paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed-length.

9) It has the function of jog on the machine.

10) It has two emergency buttons to stop the machine if an emergency happens.

Installation Service

1. We provide videos and instruction manuals to show the process of installation.

2. We provide a training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.

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