Saizar Strapping Machines

Saizar Strapping Machines

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In this type of projects, the customer usually has the necessity to compact and strap several wire rods coils at the same time. This system is made up the following equipment:

#1 Strapping table with tilting and turning system and integrated basket.  

#1 Vertical Compactor.

#1 Inner and external centring system for coils.

#1 Automatic Strapping Machine for coils radial strapping make up two strapping head to do the strap with steel and PET strap of 32mm.

The customer introduces the different coils on the basket with the carriage, being it located in horizontal position. Once it is done, the coils are centred and the coil turning is done. After that, the compactor has to realise the compacting of the coil, so the Strapping Machine i sable to do the strapping with PET or steel strap. Being the coil compacted, the strapping table will locate the coil in each of the strapping positions, so the Strapping Machine will do the rest of the strappings. After doing the strapping and the Compactor being in home position, the turner will place the coil in a horizontal position so that it can be removed through the carriage.  

This type of automatic Strapping Machine, apart from doing the strappings, are able to introduce rings in the upper side of the coils, as well as a cardboard protector in each of the strapping positions and avoid damaging the material.

The customer i sable to choose with type of strap wants to use, depending on the characteristics of the coils to be strapped, as well as depending on the necessities of the final customer, being able to choose between 32mm steel strap or 32mm PET strap.

These are the specifications of the wire rod coil to be compacted & strapped: 

  • OD of the coils: 1200 - 1500mm.
  • ID of the coils: 740 - 1000mm.
  • diameter of the wire rod: 5,5 - 38mm
  • Height of the coils before compacting: 1000 - 2500mm
  • Height of the coils after compacting: 600 - 1800mm.
  • Productivity: 5 coils/hour.
  • Compacting pressure: 10Ton.

Depending on the necessities of the customer, this equipment can be adapted to the customer requirements, in terms of performance, technical solution, space…

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