Saizar Strapping Machines

Saizar Strapping Machines

Polígono Beotibar, Number 4, Belaunza (Guipúzcoa) 20491, Spain



This strapping solution is completely automatic, where the mesh sheets packages are displaced until the strapping position through the chain conveyor and it is the Strapping Machine located on a gate, is displaced to each of the strapping positions.

This automatic Strapping Machine performs the different types of strapping with 32mm steel strap and with the notch sealing system, although the machines can work with any other sealing system required by the customer.

The PLC of the customer communicates to the PLC of the Strapping Machine the information related to the number of strapping operations to be carried out, as well as the strapping positions.

These are the characteristics of the packages to be strapped:

  • Package height: 150 - 800mm.
  • Package width: 350 - 800mm.
  • Package length: 3000 - 9000mm.
  • Number of straps per package: 3 - 6
  • Productivity: 12 packages/hour.

Apart from carrying out the strapping process, this type of Strapping Machine can introduce a plate with the label in automatic mode. Moreover, SAIZAR can provide a transferring system and packaging system for the packages.  

The packages to be strapped can be tubes, pipes, profiles, bars, etc. where the Strapping Machine can be designed and adapted to each client’s needs, whether in size and the available space.

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