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Renner Heat Recovery

Renner Heat Recovery

When using screw compressors, besides the desired primary product - the compressed air - a lot of heat is produced. RENNER developed a heat recovery system. It enables you to recover up to 85% of the applied energy as heat in the form of hot air, industrial water or heating water. It is environmentally reasonable and saves a lot of money!

  • For RENNER Screw Compressors 3,0 kW - 355 kW

  • Standard: Temp. inlet 15°C, exit 65°C (industrial water) or temp. inlet 35°C, exit 65°C (heating)

  • Further temperature ranges on demand

  • A benefit of the external heat exchanger is the simple installation.

  • A Plumber will look after the integration into the existing water circulation, for the operation on external energy is necessary.

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